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Title:Bunga Tanjong
Genre:Malay/Tamil > Drama
Episodes:4 eps
Duration:46 mins
Format:Available in HD
Cast:Farhana M Noor, Nurul Aini, Sheiryn Aisiqa, Wahyu Rahman, Jeff Catz, , Hisyam Hamid
Bunga Tanjong captures the exploratory life journey of Malay women in the late 50s and early 60s. In their effort to pursue happiness and prosperity in life, they encounter obstacles and become victims to men who exploited them. The story revolves around ill-fated Miriam who is forced to stop her education and then married off to a gangster called Hassan. Hassan is an abusive man who intends to sell her in exchange for money. Fortunately, she is saved by a dancer named Wan Katijah and is offered a job as a cabaret dancer. While being there, a senior dancer named Puteh did not welcome Miriam and is determined to make things difficult for her…

The involvement of the women is directly seen in several important incidents, both socially and politically, which help shaped the historical development of Singapore itself. Their bitter experiences make them realize that the society will remain backward unless the women are emancipated, enlightened and educated.Will the ladies be able to overcome their struggles and finally find happiness?

Awards and Accolades:

Asian Television Award 2016-Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Jeff Catz (Bunga Tanjong)

New York Film Festival 2017- TV Entertainment Special Program: Mini-Series (Finalist Certificate)

New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films 2017: Program - Best Original Music/Lyrics (Finalist)

Apollo Awards 2017- Best Editing – Long Form (Scripted)(Finalist)
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