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Title:A Promise For Tomorrow
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Family
Episodes:20 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Huang Wenyong, Rui En, Qi Yuwu, Chen Xiuhuan, Mark Lee, Ix Shen, Constance Song, Nick Shen, Guo Huiwen, Chen Tianwen, Lin Meijiao
21 year-old Fang Fang (Rui En) has heavy burden on her shoulders. Her father Fang Zhen (Huang Wenyong) married her mother Huang Hui Yin (Chen Xiuhuan) at the young age of 18. But his philandering ways gave him 2 more children from 2 different mothers, causing Hui Yin to leave the family in despair. This leaves Fang Fang to take care of her siblings, Fang Lin and Fang Hua, on top of running her father's little stall selling floor cleaner.

Fang Fang's responsibility tripled when a fourth sibling, Fang Xiang, turn up at their doorstep. Fang Xiang is both epileptic and suffers from cancer. At this bleak period, Fang Fang found support from Spiderman (Qi Yuwu), who is a business foe turned friend. Spiderman is a hare-lip baby with a sad past, but is now a volunteer at NKF with the aspiration to become a psychologist to help the sick and unfortunate.

In the process of caring for Fang Xiang, the family bond grew stronger amidst their differences and Fang Fang fell in love with the caring Spiderman. However, their love is prohibited by Hui Yin due to the prejudice against Spiderman, while Fang Xiang's mother returned at this point to claim her. Will Fang Fang overcome the prejudices and fight for her love? Can the family bear to see Fang Xiang go?
  • Dear, Dear Son-in-law
  • Live Again
  • The Homecoming
  • A Life of Hope