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Title:Beautiful Illusions
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Idol/Romance
Episodes:20 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Fann Wong, Qi Yuwu, Thomas Ong, Yvonne Lim, Nick Shen, Lin Liyun, Yan Bingliang
Jianshen and Jianwei live in fear with their alcoholic and violent father. One day, their mother, Esther, decides to escape with the children but unfortunately leaves Jianshen behind. Later, Esther remarries and leaves for the States with Jianwei. Thinking that she has abandoned him, Jianshen develops a hatred for his mother. Out of desperation for money to cure his ailing father, Jianshen accidentally kills a man.

Upon release from the prison, Jianshen lodges with childhood sweetheart, Xiaofen, and manages to secure a job as a sous chef in her father's restaurant. Jianshen chances upon the sweet and demure, Yixin, who shares a similar fate. Yixin lost her father at a young age, leaving her with a lunatic mother and a schooling brother. Love blossoms between the two.

Meanwhile Jianwei grows up to be a cynical playboy until he meets and falls for the cool and mysterious Joe Ann. Esther returns to Singapore to start a business and continues the search for her lost son. However, Jianshen refuses to acknowledge his mother. Heartbroken, Esther meets with a car accident and is mysteriously murdered! Jianwei blames his mother's death on Jianshen. And when he realises Joe Ann and Yixin look exactly alike, the brothers are further thrown into a sea of jealousy and misunderstanding. A suspecting Xiaofen decides to investigate the matter, threading further into dangerous waters.

Are Yixin and Joe Ann the same person in reality? Will Jianshen and Jianwei eventually reconcile as the truth unfolds?
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