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Title:Baby Blues
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Family
Episodes:20 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Chen Li ping, Xie Shaoguang, Zhu Mimi, Jin Yinji, Chen Hanwei, Michelle Chong, Le Yao, Allan Wu
Chen Qiaohua (Chen Liping) helps out in her father's egg shop early in the morning. More than a decade ago, the unwed Qiaohua was forced to undergo an abortion. She did not want to love again until she meets the fun-loving confectionery chef, Lan Haishen (Xie Shaoguang), that Qiaohua changes her mind.

Haishen has an ex-wife Xiao Yao (Le Yao) from China. However, when Xiao Yao leaves him for another man, Haishen is sentenced to six months in jail for assault. Unmindful of their chequered past, both Haishen and Qiaohua get married after much difficulty. Soon after their marriage, Qiaohua is under pressure from her mother-in-law Liu Fengping (Zhu Mimi) to produce a child. As she has undergone abortion before, Qiaohua finds it difficult to get pregnant.

Haishen's sister Shanhu (Michelle Chong) and her husband, Jiang Weijie (Chen Hanwei) are career-orientated as they hope to retire before they reach 50. Shanhu's daughter encounters a near mishap that Shanhu begins to realize the importance of her child to her. After arguing over the decision to abort the unborn baby, Shanhu and Weijie becomes estranged.

Weijie confides in Qiaoyun, Qiaohua's sister, and it develops into..
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