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Title:The Champion
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Idol/Romance
Episodes:20 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Toro, Johnny Yan, Jeanette Aw, Fiona Xie, Qi Yuwu, Joyce, Whyn, Felicia Chin, Jessica, Julian Hee
Brace yourself for the next hot wave in Asia with an ultra Cool cast in a splashing Hot Drama! Get ready for the perfect storm when MediaCorp Studios stirs up a potent mix of love, youth and adrenaline into the choppy waters of The Champion.

Hell breaks lose when an ambitious coach (Johnny Yan) takes over the training of the women swim team. He places high hopes on the most promising swimmer (Jeanette Aw) who fails to live up to his expectations because of excessive family burdens. In between clashes, they developed feelings for each other until the untimely return of his ex-wife...

Swim buddies (Fiona Xie) and (Joyce) compete not only in the pool but also in their quest for love. Trouble brews when both fall for the same guy (Toro) from the water polo team. Ironically, their siblings (Qi Yuwu) and (Jesseca) get entangled in yet another game of unrequited underwater love when the latter decides to turn his attention to another...

Things get heated up when the competition draws near...

Will the trials of true friendship and the turbulence of courtship cause them to falter? Or will it fuel their drive to excel in the sport they love?
  • Table of Glory
  • Beach. Ball. Babes
  • The Rainbow Connection
  • Reaching For The Stars
  • Taste of Love