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Title:The Unbeatables III
双天至尊 III
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Classics
Episodes:30 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Li Shan Shan, Tay Ping Hui, Huang Yiliang
Following the success of Unbeatables I & II, Unbeatables III is back to take viewers by storm. Although the plot still revolves around gambling, this latest series sees a number of new characters weaved in to inject freshness and new appeal.

Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay will reprise their roles as the reigning King and Queen of Gamblers. Miss Hong Kong 1996, Li Shan Shan plays a nurse and who gets involved with Yan Fei. Other than the star-studded cast, expect to also see high-tech computer effects, specially designed illusionary gambling skills as well as on-location filming in Australia.

Yan Fei's son, Yan Xing has always wanted to be the King of Gamblers like father. Unfortunately Yan Fei doesn't approve of him getting into the gambling scene and instead chooses to pass his skills to his disciples, Wu Youkang, Dong Meiyao and Ding Wei. This upsets Yan Xing.

In order to prove that he is the King of Gamblers, the unscrupulous Yan Xing forces Ding Wei to a showdown on the game table and challenges his own mother to a life and death duel.
  • The Ultimatum
  • The Golden Path
  • The Millennium Bug