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Title:An Ode to Life
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Family
Episodes:40 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Huang Biren, Terence Cao, San Yow, Zhang Yao Dong, Joey Swee, Alan Tern, Zen Chong, May Phua, Michelle Liow, Nick Shen, Dai Qian Yun, Cheryl Chin, Yang Libing, Lina Yang
MediaCorp Studios’ latest serial An Ode to Life tells the story of an ordinary country girl Ah Zhi, who, through strength of her will, overcomes adversity and becomes a successful career woman.

Ah Zhi is a hapless and simple girl who’s in love with an artist Qiming. Deceived by her mother, she was forced to marry into a rich family and was shocked to find out that her husband Wenshou suffers from autism. Not only does Ah Zhi has to take care of her husband, she also has to contend with the scheming machinations of her husband’s siblings, as they seek to discredit her; and the distrust of her mother-in-law who believes she brings ill luck to the family. Through it all, Ah Zhi’s determination and sweet nature helped her to endure and survive in the family. Ah Zhi’s sincerity and kindness sets her apart from the rest of the family. This impresses her father-in-law who gradually puts the family business in her charge. With good foresight and years of goodwill, Ah Zhi manages to succeed in her endeavor. The business grows and continues to prosper. Ah Zhi retires after 30 years of struggle and passes the reins over to the next generation. Qiming, who has been quietly standing by Ah Zhi’s side all these while is still waiting for her…

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