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Title:Home in Toa Payoh
Genre:Scripted > Chinese > Family
Episodes:30 eps
Duration:46 mins
Cast:Li Nanxing, Fiona Xie, Huang Biren, Zhu Mimi, Yang Libing, Cavin Soh Huang Yiliang, Li Wen Hai
‘Home in Toa Payoh’ brings out the warmth and importance of family and friends through three buddies namely, Baomei, Guocheng, and Pengkun. The three buddies have been friends and neighbours in one of the oldest estates in Singapore for more than thirty years.

Baomei is over thrifty, insisting on living in a 3-room flat, preferring not to drive and not to use the air-conditioning in order to save cost. In fact when it comes to getting a girlfriend, being frugal is a top priority for him, which explains why he is still a bachelor.

While Baomei is hardworking, Pengkun likes to skive and return home early to be with his wife, Jingxiu and kids. On the other hand, Guocheng is a top insurance agent but his wife, Huiming is a bank teller who often nags at him for being extravagant. Frustrated by her constant nagging, he divorces her eventually. Jingxiu’s aunt, Wu Lifen, nicknamed Elephant, is always at loggerheads with Zheng Ah Ba, Guocheng’s father-in-law as they run a shop side by side and often fight for business…
  • Housewives' Holiday
  • Just In Singapore
  • A New Life
  • Happy Family